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Sony PS4 Overheating issue

PS4 has been in the market for some time now. There are many customer exerpriacing overheat issue on the PS4. Here are some guide on what the issue might be. 1) If you PS4 auto off and it displaying The PS4 is too hot. Turn off the PS4 and wait until the tempreture goes down.

2) were you able to feel or hear the fan spinnning? If no, skip to 4. If yes, continue.

3) Since you hear/feel the fan is spinning, most likely there many dust inside and the thermal paste need to be replace. You can visit our office to have it done.

4) If you do not hear/feel the fan spining then its most like to be the fan issue. You can send if over to our office and have it repalce. We will normally repalce the Fan + Replace the thermal paste + Replace the thermal pad.

The service can be done on the same day unless we have many device on hand. warranty will be provided.

Most Question ask. Q) How long is the warranty? A) 3 Month Warranty Provided

Q) How long does it take to have it repair? A) it usually takes 1-2 hours including testing. However time may extand if there are many devices on hand or the console was send in near closing time.

Q) I not sure what the issue, what the cost for diagnose. A) Diagnose is free

Q) How to prevent such issue from happening again? A) you will need to brush off the dust from the side of vent from time to time. If you are a smoker, then you will have to brush off more often. The thermal paste still need to be services or replace from time to time. Will recommand every 2 years to services the console.

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