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The Pickup & Delivery Process

Fill in the form

To get started, let us know and fill in the pickup & delivery form. Select the day available and available time slot for pickup.
There is a $40 for pickup & delivery services. iMac and Desktop will cost $60
 for pickup & delivery.

Rider/Driver Process 

Once filled in, the rider/driver will receive the copy details. They will pick up/deliver from the time that you have selected. Weather and traffic may disturb the meeting time, we request for customer’s patience. “Power Fix Pte Ltd” does not apply a warranty for pickup & delivery service. Extra charges apply if there rework or resent of repair needs to be done.


For Collection

Once the rider/driver has collected, they will make their way to our office. Once arrives, we will login to our database and send customers a copy of the repair forms. This is to indicate your device is with us. Will join the queue for diagnosis.

For Delivery

We will contact the customer and let them know the device repair status (was repaired or not) and let them know when it will be delivered. Will then forward the customer the UEN number to make payment. Payment is to be made before delivery is made. Customers may request pictures or videos that it was tested and repaired.

Once arrived

Do check that the customer has received the correct device. The rider/driver will not be able to help test the device. If customers wish to test, the Rider/Driver can wait 5 min max before leaving

Pickup &
Delivery Forms

Pickup & Delivery will most like to be around 10AM-5PM. If there are any special request, do fill in the text below.


Pickup & Delivery charges:
1 Way - $30
2 Way - $40
2 Way - $60 (iMac/Desktop)
Express Pickup & Delivery $50
Do not submit on same day, won't be able to schedule the slots unless express services.

If timing and relocation clash, we will contact to reschedule.

Thanks for Submitting

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