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Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite LCD issue

There have been many reports this year about the Nintendo Switch LCD issue. It looks like a burn, fade, or ghost effect.

Even when restart, the issue is still there. So Restarting the Nintendo Switch won't help with the display issue. But it is worth the try.

Most of the LCD issues happen on the Nintendo Switch Lite. You will be able to White line like as if the pixel had an issue.

More Nintenendo Switch Lite LCD issue.

However, Switch Lite might be the most common but it does happen to Nintendo Switch as well.

What can you do if you have this issue?

  • You can try to restart the Switch / Switch Lite and see if it resolves.

  • Power off and let it cool down and try again.

  • Connect to the dock (For Nintendo Switch Only) and confirm that the display is working on your TV.

  • If the Nintendo Switch was able to display properly on TV however the LCD has an issue, then it's confirmed the Nintendo Switch LCD will need to be repaired.

You can contact us regarding the replacement. WhatsApp

How to prevent it from happening? There are a few ways that you can try to help preserve the console lifespan.

  • Power off when not in use. Do not go to sleep

  • Lower the brightness

  • Be careful not to place too much pressure on the Switch body/LCD.

  • After playing from the dock, Power off the Nintendo Switch charger and then the Nintendo Switch.

Some of this may help. If it does, do let us know as it will help others. You may contact us via WhatsApp or call us @ +6587609369 for any other inquiries.

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