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Sony PS5 Slim Repair Services

 If you’re in need of a repair, look no further than Power Fix! Our techs specialize in Sony PS5 Slim repairs and every model as well as other gaming consoles, too.


Our stores are stocked with the necessary parts to complete your repair, making our services so fast they can often be completed within the same day. With every service, we offer a warranty on all the parts and labor associated with your repair.

What's more, we provide free diagnosis! Why wait? Contact us today!

Types of Sony PS5 Slim /PS5 Slim Digital Repairs

Sony PS5 Slim Models: CFI-20xxA, CFI-20XXB


PS5 Slim BLOD Repair – also known as "Blue Light of Death". often requires board-level repairs, as it is most commonly caused by motherboard issues. Our technicians have training and experience fixing hardware issues like this on PS5 consoles, so you can depend on us to diagnose the issue quickly, and get your console back up and running.


PS5 Slim Power on But No Display – If the PS5 has the White light of death (WLOD), it's generally due to the HDMI port, Display ic, or both. Suppose it's powered on but only shows blue light and does not turn to white then it's not the display issue but the Motherboard. That is known as BLOD. So do take note of the differences.


PS5 Slim Overheat Repair – The PS5 will have a pulse red light. The console will indicate an overheating message and power off to protect itself. This can be due to poor ventilation, Dust, Fan, or the liquid metal issue. For this, we are normally able to remedy it on the same day or within 2-3 working days. Service the PS5 and get your gaming mode back.


PS5 Slim console crashes or freezes while playing​ -


PS5 Slim console loses power shortly after I turn it on​ – For this issue, it may either be the Power Supply Module issue or the Motherboard. Can only tell once we try to diagnose by replacing the Power Supply module. IF it's the motherboard, sadly we will need to try to repair the motherboard.


PS5 Slim Network IC Repairs – One of the common issues found. Mostly if not able to update, unable to connect to the controller, or unable to connect to wifi is due to the Network IC being damaged. 


 PS5 unable to read game disc  issues can be due to the Blu-Ray drive issue, drive board, or both. For the drive board issue, normally won't be able to update till the drive board is replaced.


Other Repairs – We repair issues with optical drives, disk jams, unable to read disks, power supply module replacement, unable to read or load games, brick repair, or the console shutting down automatically after short periods.

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