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Nintendo Switch OLED
Repair Services

 If you’re in need of a repair, look no further than Power Fix! Our techs specialize in Nintendo Switch OLED repairs of every model as well as other gaming consoles, too.


Our stores are stocked with the necessary parts to complete your repair, making our services so fast they can often be completed within the same day. With every service, we offer a warranty on all the parts and labor associated with your repair.

What's more, we provide free diagnose! Why wait? Contact us today!

Types of Nintendo OLED Repairs

Model: HEG-001

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Nintendo Switch Lite Touch Panel crack or insensitive – Touch panel can be cracked due to dropping or pressure. There are times if unable to use the touch panel or it's insensitive, which can be due to wear & tear or, Sensor located on the game board is damaged. Will replace either depending on the issue and this can be done within 1-2 hours same day

Power Fix Nintendo Switch OLED can't power on

Nintendo Switch Lite Unable to power on – This might be one of the most common issues you can find on the Nintendo Switch. There can be many reasons as to what might cost it. What we can say it can be due to the battery, charging ic, Power ic, charging port, or motherboard issue. This can't be done on the spot and will take some time to verify the issue and repair/replace it. Do send it down to our office for diagnosis.  

Nintendo Switch Account Banned

Nintendo Account Banned – When a Switch is banned it simply means that you can no longer use that Switch for any online activities including downloading updates in most cases. That means you can't access the Eshop, download games, play games online, etc. For this issue, we can only replace the motherboard. After the motherboard is replaced, do not try to MOD again or purchase digital games from other users.

Nintendo Swith OLED No MOD

We do not do any MOD on Nintendo Switch Console

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Other Nintendo Switch Repair – 

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