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Microsoft Xbox One Series S
Repair Services

 If you’re in need of a repair, look no further than Power Fix! Our techs specialize in Microsoft Xbox One Series S repairs of every model as well as other gaming consoles, too.


Our stores are stocked with the necessary parts to complete your repair, making our services so fast they can often be completed within the same day. With every service, we offer a warranty on all the parts and labor associated with your repair.

What's more, we provide free diagnose! Why wait? Contact us today!

Types of Xbox One Series S Repair

Power Fix Microsoft Xbox One X Repair.png

Xbox One  Series S Power issue – If you are unable to power on the Microsoft Xbox Ones Series S, then its most like to be the Power Supply Module issue (Not the AC Power Cord) or the motherboard issue. We will need to diagnose and confirm the damage. 

xbox one x no display.jpg

Xbox One Series S No Display – this can be due to the HDMI port, DIsplay IC, or both. we will need to diagnose and confirm the damage.

Power Fix Xbox One ErrorMessage

Xbox One Series S Error message – It can be due to the SSD or the Firmware issue. If it's the SSD issue, we can only do if the SSD can still be detected. IF this SSD can no longer be detected, we are unable to do it as we will need to copy the firmware needed on the SSD and it's married to the console.

Power Fix Xbox One Unable to Sync Controller issue

Xbox One Series S Network issue – Not able to connect to the network or controller unable to sync.

Power Fix Other Xbox One Repair

Other Xbox One Series S Repairs – We repair issues with optical drives, disk jams, unable to read disks, power supply module replacement, unable to read or load games, brick repair, or the console shutting down automatically after short periods.

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